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1. Teacher’s Day Celebration: organized by the departmental students on 5th September of each year.

2. Short and Long excursion and Local Field survey : organized with Hons. and Gen. students to enrich their knowledge about field flora.

3. Wall Magazine ‘BOTANICA’ :  published by our Hons. students and unveiled by our respected principal Dr. Prasanta Bhattacharyya.

4. Parent-teachers’ Meeting : organized every semester so that parents can share and exchange their views with the departmental teachers.

5. Students’ Seminar : organized with the Hons. students of each semester to boost their knowledge in broader aspects. 

6. Medicinal plant garden : maintained by departmental staff and students.

7. Plantation events: organized by the departmental students every year to enhance the plant diversity in and around our college campus.

8. Departmental Seminar : One departmental seminar organized every year by the departmental teaching and non-teaching staff with the  respected resource persons associated with a various renowned academic institutions.

9. Fresher's welcome and Departmental re-union : organized every year with the semester I and semester VI students respectively.