The Department of Geography possesses one General Laboratory of its own having an area of 398.38 sq ft. The Department is enriched with all kinds of conventional and modern instruments, viz. Rotameter (26 pieces), Planimeter (5 sets), Altimeter (2 pieces), Transit Theodolite and accessories (8 pieces), Dumpy Level and accessories (9 pieces), Plane Table and accessories (2 sets), etc. It is also oriented with different kinds of advanced laboratory instruments, viz. Digital Theodolite (1 set), G.P.S (2 sets-GARMIN), Weather Station (1 set), Mirror Stereoscopes (1 set), etc. At present, the infrastructure of the Department is good enough that the university practical examination is conducted from the last few academic sessions. Apart from these, Maps and Atlas of various types are available in sufficient numbers in the department.