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The department of Physical Education started in the year 1997-98, affiliation number or memo no. was 422/97(1) dated 29.09.1997 with approximately 20 students of both sex. At present Area of the department is 175.20 sq.m(approx)  and sharing with other departments: 140.76 sq.m.  The department offers only General degree course and at present the total strength of this department is 388 number of students (1st, 2nd and 3rd year).  There is a 16-station Multi-Gymnasium Centre in this college. Students & employees of the college use this Gym. The college offers extensive sports facilities to the students i.e. 0utdoor games like  Football, Cricket, Athletics, Volleyball, Badminton, Basketball, and Handball and  Indoor games like  Carom and Gymnastics. There is a Multi-gymnasium in our campus for the use of the students and a standard Football ground (11 side a team) in front of our college. Only one full time teacher Dr. Atanu Das, Assistant Professor and two other non-teaching staff (casual) are managing the Physical Education department. Department is fully equipped with lot of infra-structural facilities and ICT enabled staff room with internet facility.  It has bagged lot of trophies in different years which are exhibited in different Showcases almost 25 in numbers. Our sports achievement – Group champion Boys & girls in Athletics 8 years simultaneously, Football champion (B.U. & District) 8 times, State champion (Football) one time, Handball champion one time, Cricket champion one time, & Badminton champion two times (District). The students who are playing in reputed clubs of West Bengal are studying in this department, who are praiseworthy and contribute towards the name and fame of this institution.